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Reiki as a Meditative Self Study

Reiki as a Meditative Self Study

Article by Millennial Path Every weekend, many of us complete our Reiki training and walk out of the rooms feeling enlivened by our attunements, our new knowledge, and excited about the next steps. But what are those next steps? A workshop is a great start but it is only the first step in learning Reiki. The […] Read More


Reiki can help with a lot of things. But have you ever had a client that asked these questions: Will Reiki heal of my blocks for abundance? Will Reiki get me my soulmate? My twin flame? Will Reiki make me successful? Can it finally make me fulfilled? Will Reiki fix my depression? My Anxiety? All […] Read More

How to Deal with Criticisms as a Reiki Healer?

Criticisms aren’t welcome in our day-to-day life. We generally feel triggered to react rather than respond when being criticized. It’s only natural for us to feel mixed emotions towards such encounters. On the contrary, the life path of a Reiki healer has its own highs and lows to serve the higher purpose. More often you’re […] Read More

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Stopping Mind Chatter During Reiki

One of my memories during the first days of Reiki practice was trying not to be distracted by my mind’s chatter during a session. It was so easy to be distracted by my thoughts – Was Reiki energy coming through my hands? Are my hands in the correct position, and am I staying in each […] Read More


Herb Grid by Gaia Blessings

Herb Grid with Gaia Blessings

Article by Ankita Chanda I was a bit apprehensive when I did my preparation for the first workshop. The topic was Prosperity and Abundance, I prepared everything but was not satisfied with the part which had grids, considering people who don’t know about crystal or can’t avail them easily. Suddenly, I felt a different energy around […] Read More


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